Students: Please note that the campaign creator/ manager role is an unsalaried position performed largely in my own personal time. I often receive requests from students asking for help with assignments. While I encourage your interest and enthusiasm in the campaign, I am not able to personally assist with assignments and I prioritise allocating my time to law reform work and supporting survivors through the legal process. I encourage you to read through the following information and other information which may be found on the website. Good luck! – Nina Funnell 

TASMANIAN Section 194K of the Evidence Act 2001: Submission 

(Prepared by Nina Funnell and Michael Bradley)

This 62 page submission from May 2019 is a guiding document in the campaign.

It contains:

  • information about the campaign origins
  • information about the laws in each jurisdiction
  • information about the reasons for gag-laws and analysis of the problems they cause
  • model law
  • recommendations
  • statements taken by the campaign creator from 12 survivors






VICTORIA #LetUsSpeak Factsheets

Map of Australia with laws as of August 2020. Please note that the laws in Victoria were updated in November as a result of the campaign. 

By accessing the factsheet via the link below, you can roll your cursor over each state and territory fact box and the link will pop up which will take you to that jurisdiction’s relevant legislation.


#LetUsSpeak Victoria Factsheet: FAQ

Current as of August 2020. Please note that as a result of the campaign the laws were amended in November 2020.


Factsheet on Victoria law as of August 2020. Please note the laws were updated in November 2020.


Factsheet for survivors contemplating doing media.

This factsheet was produced by Nina Funnell for another project but contains valuable information relevant to this campaign too.


NT Submission:

This is a large document still under legal embargo. Check back soon.